Friday, September 7, 2012

FUNDRAISING FOR ZAK Paracord Bracelets


WHO: For Zachary Charlan (Nathan & Renee’s son), who has Cerebral Palsy

WHAT: Green & white paracord bracelets. Green is the awareness color for Cerebral Palsy. All bracelets are $20 each plus $5 flat per order for shipping.

WHEN: Now and ongoing.

WHERE: There are a few different ways to purchase the bracelets –
1. To pay through PayPal go to:
              Follow payment by sending an email to
with the number of bracelets, wrist size & mailing address.
(This option allows for donations above cost of bracelets)

       2. To pay by check:
Checks payable to Zachary Charlan Benefit.
Mail check with number of bracelets & wrist size (circumference of your wrist in inches) to:
    Zachary Charlan Benefit
                            PO Box 740115
                            Arvada, CO 80006

       3. To purchase direct online:
              Make your selections via the online shopping cart & choose
to pay by PayPal or Check at Checkout.

WHY: To raise money for several out-of-pocket expenses that come with having a child we know is capable of so much more than his body will allow him. Here is a short list of things we know will benefit our son and our family in the next several months to a year:
-       Conductive Education (intensive therapy) for four-weeks in Grand Rapids, MI
o     Tuition costs, living expenses, and travel
-       A wheelchair lift for a vehicle so Zak can have the freedom to use his power chair (which he is 98% independent with).
o     Right now we cannot get his powerchair in to our vehicle.
Quadriciser. An at-home piece of therapeutic/exercise equipment we purchased by loan to help Zak’s body move in a natural way – connecting his brain and muscles to learn proper patterning.